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This was supposed to be a free for seven day opportunity. But to offer an unified experience to all their members, SeniorPeopleMeet has been merged into OurTime community recently. By all evidence most are written by the dating sites themselves, and conveniently put their site at the top. Needless to say I am still looking for a good man.

Again, they have been accused of keeping expired profiles up to try to make it appear that their membership is larger than it actually is. And saying this I would ask you a question what dating site or sites would you highly recommend versus others? All that counts in this society is money. Let me know your status if you want to.

It is logical from their standpoint but will not sustain a lasting relationship when it is a onesided one. You have to look at these sites in the right way. Hi Phil I know how you feel. Kevin Gillham it is good to hear there are good men out there.

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No one does it right yet and this is a great opportunity. Do you have a favorite dating site? There are far more senior dating sites as I know.


Due to its popularity and success, SilverSingles has been trusted by a large number of senior singles all over the world and its matchmaking success rate is extremely high as well. Almost dread starting all over again with the new site. In the meantime, I go on with my life. Most men get older but not necessarily more mature. So gals, dating sites in do what you have to do to get that man you want.

Maybe someday I will meet someone who likes the outdoors as much as I do. It is almost impossible to find a man that likes this sort of lifestyle, much less wants to be involved in it. So it is not going to happen for me unless I take the time and pursue this in places where farmers and fishing are prevalent. Go to help and continue on from there.

The men that I have corresponded with have not been anything to write home about. There is usually a good reason or two why women are single later in life. Worst is that they let people post a profile with no picture. Otherwise you can contact me so we can chat.

  1. Locations would be nice here.
  2. My e-mail is wkrhilly gmail.
  3. Not interested in sleeping around.
  4. Seems like at times I keep attracting women who I later find out are married.
  5. Whatever happen to wanting to get to know one another?
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Yet to others, it said nothing-but to you two ahhh-it was like a secret code that only the two of you knew. He is now in a relationship, but we remained friends. If you can get a clone made of you laughing then tell him to send me an e-mail so we can see if we have anything in common. It pays to be very cautious.

Phil, you sound really nice and sincere. If you are one such person looking for help in finding the best senior dating site online, then you are at the right place. Several months later I met a real heart breaker.

  • My effort to stop these contacts was thwarted by their policies.
  • At full price, they are pricey although they do have some price drops.
  • Then they are looking for anyone as a nurse or a purse.
  • They appear very nice, but I have seen that before.
  • He finally got caught and went to prison.

Men will be scrutinized and rejected more than in regular every day life. Hi Kevin, dating tips for university students yOu sOund like the man every woman dream of. Had the same experience on Match. He would also have to like salt water fishing because next to the soil that is a big love of mine as well.

You just have to sort out the frogs from the princes. Therefore, I will begin to go to those farmer days and outings and I will spend lots more time at the beach fishing. This is the worst dating site I have ever joined.

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Also while the site says it is free to join, to send and receive messages to other members you need to pay and they need to pay too. Getting such a site started in the sea of already dominant, dishonest ones would probably be hard, but if there any honest entrepreneurs out there, I encourage you to give it a go! Look for a guy who has a legit reason for being available. At our age we should have experience enough life to know what basically is negotiable vs is nonnegotiable. You seem pretty well educated in this area.


Before the operation, I did it to help with lower back pain that was severe. As my current love says, financial advisor matchmaking you definitely have to kiss a lot of frogs. It seems to me that would be the only way to meet someone as I am not a bar hopper or nor do I go to clubs.

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For those who are tired of no responses on dating sites, you can try the meetup. Look for a guy who knows how to treat a woman. You just have to keep turning stones.

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If you find a good website let me know. Could not appeal to attractive ladies. Most men are a-holes, what can I say?

Husband passed away in from lung failure. How does that help me again? Needless to say I am taking a break and focusing on me. If I am seeking a best friend, then I will look in the areas where I am going to have a good time too. The problem for women is our age.

The time you spend complaining can be better used in searching. Does it look like everyone around you makes it look so simple but you have a hard time with this idea whenever someone new asks you out? However, it could be time consuming and the chances of people creating a profile on a random dating site and expecting to get a good partner are pretty low. Just as in any site, you have to pick and choose who to learn more about.

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Is howaboutwe a aarp dating site? Actually any luck needed on these kind of dating sites. So dating sites may work for a few but for the most part I would say no. DatingForSeniors is one of the most popular senior dating sites. You also get a flood of really dumb stuff from OurTime, notifications if a guy merely looks at your profile, etc.

It would be more, but neither of us wants a long distance relationship. Keep an eye on your bank statement. Its aim is to give opportunities and support to senior citizens. Do you really think you are going to find a best friend who is the opposite sex? Whereas I support most of that, the complexities of such an agenda are too great.

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