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Bonnie has cheerleading and witchcraft and Caroline-supporting, Elena has Stefan, her self-imposed outsider role and Damon-flavored drama. Overall, I did enjoy this story. It's almost flattering, christian dating in and she is ready to bet he would seriously consider draining her if he only knew what he has just given away to her. This book was absolutely delightful!

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Lauren and Mason are just sass. Like rereading your favorite book or watching your favorite movie for the hundredth time. Overall, I couldn't have been happier with this story! And she knows it, deep down. Horny girlfriend accidental creampie.

The kind of story where the chemistry and steam just oozes off the page. Aletta Ocean Kitchen Accident. Hence the reason she responds to an ad online for him. Mason and Lauren are the epitome of everything right and wrong about romance.

So he decides to do it despite his feelings towards dating in general. It's supposed to be only a one time thing to get her friends and family off her back about dating. An easy read that left my heart happy and my stomach hurting from all the laughing I did throughout this book.

Lauren is essentially dared by her friends to place an ad online to find a date. Lauren is single and fairly happy about it. Damon doesn't think she is the same scum that everyone else does, not yet at least. There were some great secondary characters who always added more humor to whatever situation they were in.

  1. The story-line unfolded easily.
  2. The Accidental Girlfriend had it all and then some.
  3. From their meeting, these two connect.

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Accidental boner in public. Busty girlfriend accidental insemination. Emma Hart had truly outdone herself with The Accidental Girlfriend! When Lauren was all but forced by her best friends to jump back into the dating field, Lauren wrote a sarcastic ad that she never thought would be answered.

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Not enough to make it a real one but it was enough to have a fun night. From the beginning of the book, you were already laughing. And everything I disliked about her were from choices the author made. The plot of this story is a fake romance trope and Emma Hart really pulls it off well.

All opinions expressed in my review are my own. It was a fabulous read from beginning to end and was the perfect read to spend my day getting lost in. Their banter cracked me up and had me begging for more.

Also Masons family is even crazier than Lauren How I don't know. The other pussy isn't happy either. This was a fast paced, couldn't put down till I was done story! Irritatingly, his smirk grows wolfish in front of the evidence of her discomfort.

The sexual tension was off the charts and the story incredibly well written. Mason and Lauren are lovable characters, albeit Lauren can be a tad frustrating with the stubbornness. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. He is just as much of a smartass.

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  • Lauren was a ball-busting, hilarious character and totally kept Mason on his toes.
  • Accidental creampie with a stranger French amateur.
  • There was a chance we could be friends.
  • Guiltily, Bonnie reasons that it's a waste that such a bastard has such a fine backside.
  • Overall this book is the perfect mix of fun and compares to Teagan Hunter and Janet Evanovich in the humor department.
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Unsure at how she is supposed to react, Bonnie just glares and glares at Damon, who has the gall to smirk and steal a cappuccino. His family is epically funny and quirky and everyone should have a family like this! She did her due diligence by placing the ad and getting her friends off her back and by writing the ad with enough sass she figured no one would ever respond. And if they were going to pull this off then at least it would be with someone that made them laugh. Their banter was enjoyable, as was their chemistry.

They had the immediate attraction to one another but knew nothing more would come of their fake-date and even the follow up fake relationship. The Accidental Girlfriend is the perfect beach read. She has a hidden sweetness and softness that Mason is trying hard to find. She is confident and she'll tell you everything that she thinks no matter will you like that or not.

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Shrinking back, Bonnie warily eyes the vampire suddenly seated beside her, an arrogant smirk on his perfect lips, ice-colored eyes fixed on her. The main characters in the story were fantastic! The story is creative, fish dating site christian perfect for cat lovers and a feel good book. This new sliver of insight makes her confused and light-headed when she blinks the glaze away and her focus returns fully on him.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Each has something smart to say to the other as they verbally spar each other, and it is a strong set-up for foreplay. It's the martini spurring her on, she knows. And believe me, I love a good sarcastic verbal sparring session. It was like eating a pint of ice-cream on day one of your period.

The feeling of laughing so much that tears come out of my eyes. He could have pulled out and gave her a tit job until he came. This is my first time reading Emma Hart but it will not be my last!

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That was until he turned into a fake relationship. They say yes - you creampie. Annoyed that Damon made the effort to come to her just to be snarky with her, Bonnie rolls her eyes upward and looks away, determined to ignore him. What was the point of that? It is funny, frustrating, and farcical.

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