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Omega Seamaster De Ville 1962

Use a case blade to pry open the snap-on case back of a pocket or wristwatch. Reference - Rolex Case Backs. Please contact us if you have any questions about the repair or sale of your vintage Omega watch. Omega is a classic Swiss brand of watch that carries a lot of history. It minimizes the potential for damaging the watch.

Many of the rarer versions, in the best possible condition, are represented here and available for purchase. Watches from the s feature round dials and dauphine or leaf-style hands. Follow Facebook Instagram Youtube.

In the s Omega added the use of the Onyx stick markers on some of the Constellation models. He also features a nice overview of the different dials and cases that were used in the Constellation collection. This delightful vintage Omega has every element that is desirable in a classic wristwatch.

If you have an Omega watch that was manufactured recently, there is a very good chance that you will find the serial number on the back of the watch. Vintage Omega Watches For Sale Omega is very much one of the shining stars of the antique watch world. Observatory of Geneva All gold Constellation models have the observatory of Geneva hand-engraved on the back.

Observatory of Geneva

How Much is Your Omega Watch Worth

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Omega Seamaster 120 Diver 1968

Should your Omega have a serial number, it's usually worth searching it on the internet, as replicas tend to use the same numbers for multiple versions of the same watch. If you plan to check an older model, we advise that you get a jeweller to open the case for you to avoid any potential damage to the watch's inner workings. Serial numbers can range from six to nine digits and may include a combination of letters and numbers. For some models, it is quite clear why they call it the Constellation Grand Luxe, as they came with a beautiful gold Reinhor brick bracelet and a silver box. All of the vintage Omega Constellation models you will see in this article are made out of gold and have this Milanese gold woven bracelets.

Omega watches pre-owned

Tip Have a professional watchmaker open your watch for dating purposes. Have a professional watchmaker open your watch for dating purposes. Watches like Elgin, Waltham and Omega kept excellent records, allowing for good dating of their watches. However, the vintage Omega Constellation being the flagship of the brand at that time were all rated chronometer. Everything about these vintage Omega watches is exceptional, and they should be regarded as in every way equal to their closest Rolex equivalents.

With a diameter of approx. So, it is about time I give the vintage Omega Constellation a bit of well-deserved attention here on Fratello Watches. These are getting pricey now and worryingly, an increasing number of very accurate Chinese fakes seem to be filtering through to the online world. Watches with Serial Numbers Use a case blade to pry open the snap-on case back of a pocket or wristwatch.

If you are in the market to buy a vintage Omega Constellation, there are a number of things you have to take into account. The location of the number depends on the age of your timepiece, as the company has used several locations over the years. Some watchmakers, such as Bulova, used symbols instead of specific serial numbers to date their watches. Save this search Show results Cancel.

Model Number

Dozens of different models, case shapes and so on. The Omega brand has been frequently copied, and you have no doubt seen email advertisements for imitation Omega watches at deep-discount prices. His experience ranges from legal affairs reporting to covering the Middle East. At the time of writing, updating doors in house vintage Omega watches still offer some of the best value to be found in the world. The firm was founded in by Louis Brandt in Bienne.

Looking to sell your Omega watch? If you have any other questions about your Omega serial number or anything else to do with your watch, feel free to get in touch and we will be able to help. Omega watches were also the only watches certified for use in space by the Russian Space Agency.

Omega silver semi-hermetic moistureproof 1921

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  • This Omega Centenary commemorated the th birthday of the Omega company and was their first automatic chronometer watch.
  • When purchasing a watch, beware of timepieces cobbled together.
  • Art Deco styling with sweeping, stepped geometric lines on rectangle cases with Lozenge-style hands characterize s and s timepieces.

Like many watch manufacturers, Omega uses a serial number system to keep track of when a timepiece was made and to mark its authenticity. The event was a great success and kick started the market for vintage Omegas dramatically. Rotate a screw-down case back counterclockwise with the palm of your hand.

Including Serial Numbers Production Dates and Calibers

Very few watchmakers, however, stamped the year of manufacture on case backs. Sitemap Vintage watches for sale, reference articles and buying advice. Should you be looking to expand your collection, we have a great range of pre-owned Omega watches to browse, all of which have been fully appraised by our team. Another option is to take your watch to a trusted jeweller to be appraised.

We are also always looking for Omega pocket watches and vintage wristwatches to purchase for our inventory. Information provided for educational purposes only and we make no warranty as to its accuracy or reliability. One of the best online resources on this topic is the Omega Constellation Collectors blog by Desmond.

How to Date Omega Watches

How to Date a Pocket Watch. If you own an Omega watch, it's possible to find its year of production based on the serial number etched into it. Elgins, for example, may have a letter in front of a series of numbers. For a nice early gold Constellation Deluxe with those big diamond shaped hour markers the price will be high of course.

How to Date Omega Watches

At Renaissance Watch Repair, we are experts in the repair and restoration of vintage Omega watches. Neil Armstrong left his Omega Speedmaster in the lunar module during his historic first spacewalk. You actually could say that the Omega Constellation collection lost a bit of direction in those years.

The eight stars on the case back stand for the many exploits of Omega in the world chronometer competition. Omega has also had a long affiliation with sports. Those early Omega Constellations have rounded lugs and were later a bit more restyled to the s. The Dauphin hands were used until the late s.


Before we put an item up for sale it is checked over and cleaned by our experts. The pie-pan dials see photo below were commonly used in the vintage Omega Constellation watches. Although some Omega Constellation watches were delivered this way, they also came on gold rice grain bracelets and leather straps.

Vintage Omega Seamaster Date
  1. Warning Many older watches may have had their movements replaced or altered, making dating virtually impossible.
  2. Shipping from The Netherlands.
  3. Besides the Constellation, some other families of the Omega collection also included watches that had a chronometer rating.
  4. We do not encourage or endorse the purchase of any counterfeit watch!
  5. Omega uses precision lasers to etch its serial numbers, so you may have to use a magnifier to read it.
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