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This is quite simple, head to the cafe, purchase the required number of steaks, and return for a standard reward. Anyway, a quick overview of the timing and such, as well as another talk about my lovely template, updated with where you get the recipe as well. These are all found in China, as you can expect, after all, it is to do with the Chinese Zodiac after all.

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This will unlock the double doors near the front of the room. There are stairs leading down to the actual Market Chamber. For this, the standard reward is on offer. For this, you get a standard reward, dating at 30 after divorce and time to go back to the requestor.

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You will need to look out for traps, which are plentiful here, and once you get the sapphire, you need to report in to your requester, and you get a standard reward for this. For this, you get some ancient coins as a reawrd. Like gems, the metals are determined by weight, the heavier it is, the more it is valued.

Below is a template, and how to read and understand it. It appears there isn't enough Gold to go around. At the bottom of the stairs, peoples opinion on online dating go through the door with the red tiles.

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  • For Ameen Moussa though I only have one hope left, online dating.
  • The Al Simhara Council for Safe and Fun Tomb Exploration would like to create a pamphlet warning potential adventurers of the dangers of tomb exploration.
  1. Please photograph a floor trap and deliver it to Target Sim name in exchange for some Simoleons and Visa Points.
  2. They will have a minimum value of Simoleons and a maximum value of Simoleons.
  3. Once you get to your destination, you will need to understand the places around town.
  4. Take a photo of what I tell you do, and it should do the trick.
  5. You need to head over to the Temple of the Dragon, by entering the Dragon's head, and you need to enter there, to get something.

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Having completed A Longing for Gold opportunity A relic merchant. Again, ancient coins, visa points and Simoleons. Those with friends tend to have parties, and for parties to be successful they require food.

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Egypt Online Dating Quest - SOLVED

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That also makes it the easiest trap that you can attempt to cross, and it is a water based trap. The skill is based in China, so if you really want to learn all about martial arts, you will need to head there. You will need to colect a number of cerambryx beetles in France first before you leave. You may need to butter them up a bit first.

Note it is gardening skill. So how are you going to disarm it. There is also a special merchant who you can purchase items off using ancient coins, but again, most on that later.

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But these are all over the place as well, the first two are going to be found in China, the third and fourth in Egypt and the final one in France. The first two are going to be in Egypt, the third in China and the last in France. Scientists at the Landgraab Industries Science Facility are dying to study the indigenous bug species of Egypt and are willing to pay top dollar for specimen. Finally, there are the Dive Wells, basically, they are circular pools of water that lead either to treasure, or to connecting dive wells, which will allow you to explore a brand new area.

The Great Pyramid is one of the places you want to loot. The Historical Society has lost a relic in an expedition, don't ask questions on how they can be so stupid, fish and you will need to go down to find it. Value at Max weight means the highest possible price you can get for the gem at maximum weight. But that doesn't mean you send me a business letter detailing what information you want to know either. Odds are that there is a hidden wall somewhere.

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Standard Edition

Find this secret basement chamber and deliver any clues you find in chests to Dalida Barakat. The problem is that Dong Huo is dead, and he is quite a threat now he is undead, so you will need all the protection you can get, and for this, you get the standard reward. You need to go to that local, and ask them to borrow their artifact from them. Actually, from now on, you know what the rewards are, so it's a standard reward from now on.


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You need to first take a photo of a trap, then pushable statue, pile of ancient coins, floor switch, rubble pile, treasure chest and finally, a giant boulder. After this challenge is complete, you will be able to sometimes see the end result of the nectar after you've squashed the fruit. The work will be dangerous, but quite profitable. According to the data, the Tomb of the Desert Ocean is an underground oasis, a vast source of water for centuries.

Other than that, base camp is really a starting point for everything else that you can do. Well, now that you have the keystone, you need to use it on the door that is to the right of the three holes, and that should allow you to enter the Tomb, and again, no reward. For this, lawyers dating you get a basic reward.

If you just hurl abuse, I will promptly hurl more abuse back, and save it so the entire world can abuse you and see your stupidity. However, follow the rule that the rarer the fruit you are using, the better the nectar. The Mummitomium you brought before sold almost immediately after I stocked it on shelves. Meanwhile I've been tracking down the final one with both the book and the data. This is for a basic reward, but you aren't done yet.

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That makes them the best type of Sims to learn the skill of Martial Arts, which requires exceptional dedication and focus. Complete a relic collection, and you will get a moodlet boost to your Sims when you are near a complete collection, and depending on the collection, the stronger the boost. Interested Sims should report to Sim name for more information. For Target Sim name though I only have one hope left, online dating.

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Bring me Copper and I shall reward you with some Simoleons. Because they stole some of my works before, and I will not forget that. For this, again, you get ancient coins. Initially, you will only be able to stay for a total of three days, you can increase that using a higher visa level, but more on that in the relevant section.

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