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In the long run Supercell said multiple times they will put an end to engineering in or early in my guess. Sure you can see them here. The way someone else plays the game may be different than the way you do, so shut up and mind your own business. All we know is this is how the penalty is assesed. If there is indeed a link that explains these please point me in the right direction.

8 Days 7 Wars 1 Attack/Day

Where are you getting your war weight information from. Sir, pls tell me more about that defense trick. If Timmy has some more upto date info please share with us. Does upgrading th give you any more war weight. By choosing to upgrade items with lower Weight first, hook up buzzfeed your Base continues to grow strong without adding too much Weight until it is absolutely needed.

Every few minutes of the search where no opponents are found in a nearby strength range, the range expands and the search starts again. As Iong as this formula is used to calculate wars there will never be a way to match wars fairly. Very odd that they are not finding asian clans during asian primetime. Ur the type of person whwho i is ruining this game.

Clan War War Weights (MARCH UPDATE) & Weight Calculator

It makes me wonder if this page is really kept up to date. This helps not searching for days to find a matching clan but in return created unfair wars. Since there are no right or wrong answers for preferences they can do something or not do something and it will make no difference that someone will be happy and someone else unhappy.

Given that the inferno was provided as part of a special pack, and I have not deployed this inferno in my warbase, does the inferno still count for war weight? And if this is a complex line, would we need tools to help players manage their upgrades and understand their restrictions better? The flat green line represents the trend of our composition a few weeks ago during a solid win streak. Much of this information is inaccurate.

War matchmaking explained

It would be great if we had also the data for spells. This is not a recruiting post, we are not looking for new members. Why does the Witch hold so much more weight than all other troops? How is war weight calculated with sleeping heros?

Is there a way to find out how much weight spells have? What do you mean is not working? Originally Posted by Anarchos. In other words, are the calculations wrong?

Clan War Matchmaking Less Mismatches

Once you start upgrading your defensive buildings, thats when you will start sering a difference in your mirrors and youll move up the rankings. So you can see the table and make the final thought that the new level of traps will probably be in the range of the other levels. But if no, why is Supercell trying to stop it? Grammar learning is a must, but your last arguments are the reason people laughed your butt off lmfao.

Whether storage, eliksir pump, and gold mine has warweight. All in all complete rubbish. Why would my war weight shown drop in the Excel sheet when I build more things in the above scenario?

Clan war matchmaking coc Firstly, as a series of the clan war matchmaking algorithm will see big changes to google drive and. We will come out two matches players with matchmaking algorithm will change in nacked wife fucked salinas ca that. For very easy wins, the war matchmaking. All I want to do is upgrade th to spend gold. You mirror could easily be higher or lower than you in strength dependent on his relative position in the opponent clan.

You say the calculated defensive strength is used for the position in the war table, can also agree on that. Hopefully they dont have just individual. When will the final, correct accurate war weights be posted?

Your rounded War Weight is the number used to determine your total War Weight. Would you rather like to get mismatched and war against a clan that rips you in pieces? If we can maintain half of our clan as skilled low levels then we will be matched with similar clans who are also less likely to be fluffybunnying. Dont build xbows, infernos or eagles.

Has made war easier for me. Fruitful and honest reactions. In our case I just restart the search every few minutes. This will serve you all better in the long run.

  • War games will become competitive again.
  • And yes, I would rather have a slight mismatched than to wait for days to find an opponent.
  • Originally Posted by Greentangent.
  • So has everything changed so far?
  • If I have a lower weight overall then surely I should be below Omar?

Better Clan War Matchmaking (How to get less mismatches )

Username or Email Address. Very confusing, speed dating in so would like some clarification please. This event is always previously announced on the events tab with a countdown.

But in general, I agree that the matches got way off since more and more clans use engineered accounts. Where would we draw the line? Telsa weight should be a lot more. The formula is not public, all I can tell you that it takes offensive power much more into account where it has been defensive strength primarily in the past.

War Weight and Clan War Matchmaking Basics

Updated War Weights Calculator & Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars

Feel free to post any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them promptly. Thank tou for all this usefull info. There also seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence that xbows, infernos, and eagles have a vastly higher war weight than shown in the chart. Additionally, uxbridge speed dating friendly challenges were introduced to allow. Guide to rebalancing is straight.

Is weight also taken into account when you have a division war? This makes our Calculator as accurate as possible. Besides, I pity the poor suckers who still have faith in Supercell. Be smart about your upgrades!

Preventing Clan War Mismatches in 2018

Clan War Leagues Explained

When calculating base weight for wars, is it the main base or war base that is calculated? For example on builders base. Are they finished aside of updates or? Numbers are not completely off, but there are some discrepancies that I want to be sure about. Any player can be selected, even the ones that didn't attack or left the clan.

How Clan War Matchmaking Works 2018

War matchmaking explained

Clan War Leagues Explained
  1. Click here to go to the thread.
  2. How does the May Shipwreck Update affect all of this?
  3. It takes forever to get a clan war match now after the updates.
  4. The information just posted is accurate and has been confirmed by a number of sources.
  5. Just compare the defensive strength of both your bases and you will see that the Marcus probably has his def buildings at a higher level than you.
  6. This is the reason why the matchmaking does create problems right now.
Clan war matchmaking - ITD World

Clash of Clans News & Strategies

Originally Posted by herranton. The trick now is upgrade your base. First, successful singles dating keep up what you are doing!

This is simply a strategy that is available to everyone, so choosing to employ it as such is a strategic decision, not cheating. When do you think we will have the new warweight stats here? Well, they have been reworking it completely and will release it before summer read here more. Reading this, it now looks it is now beneficial to drop the Eagle straight away?

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